Advanced Cardiac Life Support/Basic Life Support, 2-day Provider

    This is a combination of two American Heart Association courses over two days that teaches the skills and knowledge necesssary to manage sudden cardiac arrest and other cardiac emergencies, utilizing ten case-based scenarios. The interpretation and management of dysrhythmia is heavily stressed. Basic Life Support CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Support cards are awarded upon successful completion. For new and renewal training.


    All participants must complete an ACLS online Precourse Self-Assessment, score a 70% or above, print the results from the same computer, and bring the printout to class. Failure to do so will require rescheduling the face-to-face class on a different day.

    To access the Precourse Self‐Assessment, go to and enter acls15 as the code.
    The link to the assessment is at the top left of the Student Website.

    Course: (ACLS2/BLS) Advanced Cardiac Life Support/Basic Life Support, 2-day Provider
    Price: $200
    EMS Credit Hours: 16.00
    FL EMS Approved #: 20-295375
    RN Hours: 16.00
    FBN Approved #: 20-168030

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