Emergency Response to Terrorism 2-Day Provider

    This is a 2-day, face-to-face course that provides scenario- and simulation-based, hands-on training exercises for a multidisciplinary population of learners, including paramedic/firefighters, emergency medical technicians, hospital personnel, and law-enforcement officers.

    The global learning objectives are:
    • Recognize a potential terrorist incident and initiate incident operations
    • Implement personal and public safety protective measures
    • Perform appropriate decontamination
    • Implement incident and unified command systems and perform effective intra- and inter-agency communication
    • Provide emergency medical care specific to incident/patient type(s).

    This course satisfies Florida requirements for Fire Officer I.

    Classes can be scheduled upon group request.

    Course: (ERT) Emergency Response to Terrorism 2-Day Provider
    Price: $350
    EMS Credit Hours: 16.00
    FL EMS Approved #: 20-212245
    RN Hours: 15.00
    FBN Approved #: 20-168037

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